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Payroll is arguably the service that matters more than any other to our clients – particularly if they run a “people” business. It does not take too many delayed or incorrect payments for key talent to start looking around for alternative sources of employment – so make sure the payroll run is on time and accurate.



Real-time information (RTI) has been with us for a few years now. For the uninitiated, payroll information must now be submitted on or before payday to HMRC, electronically.

While HMRC have provided “Basic Tools” to allow the layperson to do this themselves, if you do not have a finance resource in-house, we can assure you that you are far better off outsourcing it and getting on with the day job!

The increasing scope of payroll

In recent years, HMRC have sought to collect more tax through the payroll process or “Pay as you earn / PAYE” and so there are an increasing range of deductions or credits to be accounted for.

There are also a number of tax advantaged schemes offered by companies that need to be processed through payroll, including the Cycle to Work scheme or EV salary sacrifice.  These are as well as the more traditional workplace benefits such as company cars and private medical insurance.


Auto enrolment

Our payroll service not only takes care of the RTI submissions, but also your auto enrolment submission. This well-intentioned (although overly complex) piece of legislation can turn in to a headache if you are not familiar with the processes.  Assuming you are not an entrepreneur with the appetite to become an auto enrolment expert, let us take care of it for you.


Electronic payslips and employee portal

Gone are the days of handing paper payslips round the office. Our fully secure GDPR compliant service offers employees a portal where they can access their old payslips and P60s whenever they need.